REAL NAME: Clifton Ryan
DATE OF BIRTH: January 30, 1928
PLACE OF BIRTH: St. George's, Grenada
CAREER:                                   Bomber was born to a Trinidadian father and a Grenadian mother. He began singing in Grenada and established his career as a professional calypsonian when he moved to Trinidad on June 15, 1956. He won his first calypso contest in 1957 at the Radio Trinidad 10th Anniversary competition. His first hit came in 1958 with "Gloria," which was later recorded by the famous American singer Harry Belafonte in 1962. In 1960, Bomber was invited by the Mighty Sparrow to sing at the Original Young Brigade Tent. He participated in the 1962 Independence Calypso Competition and placed 4th. He went on to represent Trinidad and Tobago at the Commonwealth Festival of Arts in England the following year. He also represented Trinidad and Tobago at Randals Island, USA, where he met Harry Belafonte. He became the stage manager at the Mighty Sparrow's Young Brigade Tent and held that position for 15 years. He won his only Calypso King title in 1964 with "Joan and James" and "Bomber's Dream." In 1976, Bomber was granted a plot of land at Picton Hill by the then Prime Minister Dr Eric Williams in recognition of his contribution to the calypso art form. He made the 2003 Calypso Monarch finals and retired from calypso singing in 2006. His other calypsoes include:
  • 1956 - Juvenile Delinquency
  • 1958 - Despers vs. Bunters
  • 1962 - Independence (4th, Independence Calypso Contest)
  • 1966 - The Big Three; Parents and Children; Merry Christmas; Colour Question; Trip to the Moon; Agriculture on the Move; Forgive and Forget; Family Unfair; Why Ah Fraid Women; Vincy Stephanie
  • 1967 - Animal Cricket Match
  • 2000 - Cases
  • 2001 - The Godfather; Proverbs
  • 2002 - Mr. Unfortunate; True True Calypsonian
  • Other - Professor Broomes; Land Of Spice
DIED: January 1, 2022, in Trinidad
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit