August 1962


REAL NAME: Kade Simon
PLACE OF BIRTH: Erin, Trinidad
CAREER:                                     Brynner was a popular calypsonian from the late-1950s to the 1970s who, true to his name, mimicked the famous American screen actor, Yul Brynner, by performing with his head shaved. He moved to Jamaica to join the West Indies Regiment which functioned from 1958 until the early 1960s when there was a West Indies Federation. He performed in Jamaica for a while before returning to Trinidad after the collapse of the Federation. In August 1962, he won the special calypso competition that was held to celebrate the independendence of Trinidad & Tobago. His calypsoes included:
  • 1959 - Juvenile Delinquency; We Want Back Chaguaramas
  • 1960 - Rich Man, Poor Man; Riot at the Oval; Why Sparrow Lost the Crown; Matiniquian Woman; Calypso Story; See Me Mama; Congo; Hula Hoop Girls; Leave the Yankees Alone; The Old Ladies; The Airport; The Doctor and the Newspaper; Vendor Woman; The Princess Wedding; South African Riot
  • 1961 - The Budget; Happy Birthday; The Airport; Old Ladies; The End of the World; Girls from A to Z
  • 1962 - Anita; The Twist Calypso; Carrera; Infidelity; Wedding in November; Michael; My Doolahin; Come With Me; Vagabonds; Publicity for So; Gang War; Nightclub Brawl; Trinidad & Tobago Independence; Ozzanna; Ivy; The Nation Calypso; Help Yourself; Vile Doctrine; Blood Transfusion; Crapaud & Lizard; Bossa Nova Love; Camalata; Sir Winston Churchill; Soldier; Come Back to Papa; The Devil and Man; U.N. Baby; Night Club Brawl; Margarita; Jamaica Why You Run; Trinidad Personalities; Custom Officers; Brynner's Calypso Tour; Trinidad Pullout the Federation
  • 1964 - The Groom in the Bathroom; Pan in Church; Judieline; Call Me B'Wana
  • 1965 - Tiger in Your Tank
  • 1966 - TV Bacchanal; Lock and Key; Pull the Devil Tail; Never Trouble the Devil; Don't Share Your Love in Four; Naught from Naught; Teach Me to Ska; The Shack is Back; Congo War
  • Other - Devaluation of the Pound; Jacqueline; Mr. Walker; Bajan Batchelors; Shame and Scandal; Wrecker Poom Poom; I Shall Be Released; The Games People Play; I Will Never Turn My Back on You; Proud Mary; Skull Duggery; Little Willy; Pen in Hand; Who Put Pepper in the Vaseline; Misery Woman; Roslyn Pussy; Republic Yes, Republic No; Vietnam Moratorium; Hang Them High; Doo Doo Darling; Hindu Girl Pamela; Matin Luther King Message; Caribbean Paradise; Big Mouth Marion; Mr. Crab; Calypsorama; Canadian Redhead; I Am Sorry Honey; Munsinger Affair; The Queen Singing Calypso; Uncle Crazy, Uncle Mad; Take Me Back to the Islands; West Indian Culture; Dorothy; My Teacher; Soul in She Soul; The Viking
DIED: 1980
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit