January 2016


REAL NAME: Winston Peters
DATE OF BIRTH: October 20, 1952
PLACE OF BIRTH: Mayaro, Trinidad
CAREER:                                   Gypsy won the Calypso Crown in 1997 with songs "Little Black Boy" and "Rhythm of the Nation." After many years of success as a singer, he was elected to the Parliament of Trinidad & Tobago in 2000 thus becoming the second calypsonian in history to be elected to public office; he was reelected in 2001. His other calypsoes include:
  • 1982 - The Hustle; Soca Train
  • 1985 - Susan; Where Do We Go From Here
  • 1986 - The Action Too High; Aya Yah Bamba; Don't Jam Me So; Emily; Party People; The Sinking Ship
  • 1987 - Idle Company; Leaders on the Run; Rock Me Baby; Sing Ram Bam; Traffic Jam; We Need More Love
  • 1990 - Warrior; Open Up Your Heart; It Got to be Love; Love Train; Stumbling Through Life; Rocking It Down Slowly
  • 2000 - Get Yourself Involved In Something Good; Big Man; Be Conscious
  • 2002 - Western Rodeo; All Ah We Is One
  • 2003 - Put Away the Guns Young Man; Black Birds Fly; One More Blackbird; Good Vibrations; Blender
  • 2009 - Supply and Demand
  • 2016 - Too Many; Ship Of State
  • Also - Babylon Land; Bangala Africa; Bombing Up the Place; Don't Cry Brother; Eyes of Yesterday; Ghigumbo; Man Is Man's Greatest Enemy; This Mind of Mine; What A world to be Living In
  • 1988 - Trinidad & Tobago Chaconia Medal Silver (for Contribution to the Development of Calypso Music)
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit