REAL NAME: Alric Farrell
DATE OF BIRTH: September 8, 1917
CAREER:                                Pretender grew up in the Corbeaux (Kobo) Town section of Port-of-Spain and made his debut in the calypso world in 1929 when he sang a calypso at a local tent called the Redhead Sailor. He sang at the Victory Calypso Tent in the early 1940s and later moved on to the Original Old Brigade Tent where he continued singing through the 1950s. He won the Calypso Crown in 1957 with "Que Sera Sera." Pretender's 1961 calypso "Never Ever Worry" was featured in the American movie Cadillac Ranch. His other calypsoes include:
  • 1939 - The Virtue of a Woman
  • 1943 - God Made Us All
  • 1946 - What the West Indies Really Needs
  • 1952 - Federation
  • 1953 - The Gomes Report
  • 1955 - Why BG Will Not See Royalty
  • 1972 - Trinidad & Tobago Public Service Medal of Merit Silver (for Calypso)
  • 1994 - Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Gold (for Culture)
DIED: January 22, 2002, in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit