REAL NAME: Winston Bailey
DATE OF BIRTH: October 2, 1941
PLACE OF BIRTH: Belmont, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
CAREER:                                Born in Trinidad, Shadow spent his childhood years in Les Coteaux, Tobago. He won Road March titles in 1974 and 2001 with "Bassman" and "Stranger," respectively. He won the Calypso Crown in 2000 with "What's Wrong With Me" and "Scratch Meh Back." In addition to his music, Shadow became renown for his unique dance in which he jumped to the tempo of his music in "skip-rope style," with both feet in the air at the same time. His other calypsoes include:
  • 1974 - I Come Out to Play
  • 1976 - Jump Judges Jump; The Children Ting; Carnival Scenery; Do Good; Beat Dem Drums; Ladder of Success; Don't; Without Love; Everybody Is Somebody; Treat Me Nice; Constant Jammin; Shift Your Carkass
  • 2001 - The Stranger; Yuh Looking for Horn; HIV; Domestic Violence
  • 2003 - Find Peace; Come and Meet Mih Family
  • 2004 - Whop Cocoyea
  • 2007 - If Ah Coulda
  • 2015 - Dey Sticking -
  • Also - Soca Boat; Story of Life; I Believe; Find Peace; Pray for Freedom; The King from Hell; Dingolay; Cocriocro; One Love
  • 2003 - Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Silver (for Music)
DIED: October 23, 2018, in Trinidad, after suffering a stroke 2 days earlier.
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit