REAL NAME: Theophilus Phillip
DATE OF BIRTH: March 23, 1926
PLACE OF BIRTH: Princes Town, Trinidad
  • Craignes EC School
  • Princes Town EC School
  • CAREER:                              After briefly working as a railway porter, Spoiler began his singing career in 1946 at the House of Lords Tent and was a founding member of the Young Brigade Tent which opened in 1947. He won the first National Calypso Crown competition in 1953 with "Bed Bug." He won the title again in 1955 with "Picking Sense Out of Nonsense," and took second place in 1957 with "Magistrate Try Himself." His other calypsoes include:
    • 1946 - What Happened on VJ Day
    • 1951 - Women Police
    • 1953 - Royal Wedding
    • 1960 - Talking Backwards; Fountain of Youth
    • Also - All Fool's Day; Believe It or Not; Father Christmas; Funeral Undertaker; Girls With Glasses; Lost Memories; Mad Scientist; Money in the Bank; My Shadow; No Nylons for Yvonne; Sleepwalking; Small Island Carnival; Tarzan; Twin Brother; Wars of Long Ago
    DIED: December 24, 1960, from an alcohol-related disease.
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit