REAL NAME: Neville Marcano
DATE OF BIRTH: March 5, 1916
PLACE OF BIRTH: Diego Martin, Trinidad
CAREER:                               Tiger was a promising boxer who became the bantam-weight champion of Trinidad in 1929. He turned to singing calypsoes in 1934 and won the first competition for calypsonians in 1939 with "The Labour Situation in Trinidad." He went on to sing at the Original Old Brigade Tent in the early 1940s. He retired from singing in calypso tents in 1960, but continued to write songs for other singers. His calypsoes include:
  • 1935 - Money Is King
  • 1936 - The Gold in Africa
  • 1937 - Yaraba Shango
  • 1939 - Shango; Trade Union
  • 1945 - Interpreting Shango
  • 1950 - Daniel Must Go
  • 1959 - The Doc's Wedding
  • Also - Marabella Wedding; The Gold in Africa; The Rats; Down The Road; Try A Screw to Get Through; Miss Marie's Advice; The Train Below; Senorita Panchita; The Parrot; Bandandea; Point Cumana; Maraval Girls; The Whe Whe Banker Wedding; War (with King Radio and Roaring Lion); Sadu Man; Maraval Girls; Bandandea; Mannie Dookie; Movie Stars; The Beautiful Land of Iere; The Rats; Down the Road; Miss Marie's Advice; Monkey (with King Radio and Roaring Lion
DIED: 1993, in Trinidad.
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit