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Brasso Seco

Brasso Seco is patois for "dry branch" which characterized the way the area was found by settlers in the early part of the 20th century. It was the perfect environment for growing cocoa which provided the source of revenue for resident farmers until the 1960s, when the bottom fell out of the cocoa market. The farmers then turned to other crops such as coffee, bananas, and vegetables for a living. Brasso Seco lies 16 miles north of Arima in the Paria Valley on the southern side of the northern mountain range and can be accessed by the Blanchisseuse Road.

In 1996, electricity was brought into the community and the villagers began turning to ecotourism to take advantage of the area's natural assets: flora, rare birds, wild animals, waterfalls (see photo at right), and rivers. By 2002, Brasso Seco had about 320 residents and 5 guest homes. See for more information on Brasso Seco.


Music Bands: Brasso Seco is the home of the popular parang music band, The Brasso Seco Paranderos band (see photo at right).

Academic Institution

Brasso Seco RC School Primary Brasso Seco Postal Agency Roman Catholic 60 Pupils in 2002

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