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Icacos is located at the south-western tip of Trinidad, southwest of the nearest town, Cedros (Bonasse). Because of its shape, the coastline around the community is referred to as The Serpent's Mouth. In 1997, the village of Icacos had a total population of slightly above 1,000 people living in about 300 homes. There were four churches of different denominations and two Hindu temples; a majority of the residents were Hindus. Its public facilities included: a wooden primary school that housed 150 students; a health center for the use of a doctor that visited the community once a week; and one roadside coin-operated telephone. On the road to Icacos from Cedros (Bonasse), visitors to the area can view the mud volcanoes that occasionally erupt. A small percentage of the residents of Icacos work on the surrounding coconut estates, but the local economy centers primarily around fishing.

Academic Institution

Icacos Government School Primary Icacos Village Non-Denominational  

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