North-West Communities


Maracas lies north of St. Joseph and is situated at the base of the southern slope of the northern mountain range. One of the popular attractions in Maracas is the Maracas Waterfall which can be accessed from Waterfall Road. The waterfall emanates from the foothills of Mount El Tucuche in the Maracas Valley and, at 298 feet, is the highest in Trinidad. On the northern base of the northern mountain range is Maracas Bay which can be accessed from Maraval, along the Saddle Road. Travellers heading to Maracas Bay from the west on Saddle Road can view the 7500 square-foot North Deck that was constructed in 2005 for special events to capture the panoramic view of the northern coast. Along the coastline on the northern base of the mountain range are Maracas Bay and Tyrico Bay, two of the most popular beaches on the island. For more information, click here.

Academic Institutions

Caribbean Union College Secondary/Tertiary   Seventh Day Adventist  
Maracas SDA School Primary   Seventh Day Adventist  
Maracas Valley RC School Primary Royal Road Roman Catholic 302 Pupils in 2002
Pentecostal Institute of Learning Secondary   Pentecostal  

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