South-East Communities


Moruga is located south of Basse Terre along the southern coastline and some of its communities are Fifth Company Village, Grand Chemin, La Lune, La Retrecht, La Rufin, L'Anse Mitan, Marac, and Rock River. Fifth Company Village was named after the Black American baptist ex-soldiers who migrated to Trinidad in 1816. From the late-1800s to the early-1900s, many Venezuelans came by boat to settle in Moruga, bringing with them such Christmas traditions as parang music and pastelles (corn pies). Visitors to the area can enjoy birdwatching at La Rufin or seabathing at the beaches of La Lune and Marac. The La Lune river runs through the area with a suspension bridge across it that connects La Rufin on the west to La Retrecht on the east. The economy of Moruga is based on fishing and agriculture. In September 2014, the Moruga museum had over 1,000 items on display.

Academic Institutions

Fifth Company Baptist School   Fifth Company Village Baptist  
La Lune RC School Primary La Lune Roman Catholic 116 Pupils in 2002
Moruga Composite School Secondary   Non-Denominational  
Moruga RC School Primary Grand Chemin Roman Catholic 162 Pupils in 2002
Rock River RC School Primary Rock River Roman Catholic 430 Pupils in 2002

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