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Petit Bourg

Petit Bourg is the original home of the Bermudez Biscuit Company which manufactured crackers (Crix Biscuits) from Maloney Street. As far back as the 1940s, the metal containers used for transporting and storing the biscuits were used by many steelbands to craft certain instruments of their bands.


Steelbands: The following is a listing of the steelbands that functioned in Petit Bourg, broken down by type: Tamboo Bamboo (pre-oil drum); traditional (pans supported around the neck); and conventional (pans supported mechanically).

Hilltoppers Conventional Defunct  
The Sea Hawks Tamboo Bamboo Defunct Originally formed in the 1930s as a The Purple Heart tamboo bamboo band, this band matriculated to oil drums and changed its name to The Sea Hawks.
Second Spring Conventional Defunct  
Silhouettes Conventional Defunct  
Skylarks Conventional Defunct (Original home was 60 Maloney Street). Formed in 1958 with the sponsorship of the Central Water and Distribution Authority (later Water and Sewerage Authority), this band reached the semifinals of the Steelband Music Festival in 1960 with Robert "Shadow" Nathaniel as arranger.
Sundown Fascinators Conventional Defunct Founded by Gary Chang Cheung, Joseph "Mauby" Edmund Moore, and Victor Toussaint, Fascinators improved significantly when brothers Roy and Noel William moved to the area and joined the band. In the 1950s, the band was the first from Petit Bourg to compete in a Steelband Music Festival, playing Mambo in Brass and Schubert Serenade, and later gained the sponsorship of the Carib Brewing Company.


Petit Bourg was the home of three sport clubs: Angelics; Mohawks; and Venice. The Angelics Sports Club was founded in 1968 and fielded a soccer team in the Progressive Youth Movement Leage with former Police and national player Winfield St. Hill as coach, before disbanding in the 1980s.

Athletics: Kent Bernard who represented Trinidad & Tobago at the 1964 Olympics, spent his formative years in Petit Bourg after moving from East Dry River in Port-of-Spain. Long-distance runner Selwyn "Bullet" Ross represented Trinidad & Tobago.

Netball: National player Veronica McDonald was a product of Petit Bourg.

Soccer: The following players represented Trinidad & Tobago: Garnett Craig, Carlan Francis, and Winfield St. Hill.

Academic Institutions

Andrews Academy   Harmony Hall, Broome Street.    

Places of Worship

St. John's Anglican Church, Eastern Main Road.

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