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Siparia lies southwest of Penal and can be accessed by the San Fernando-Siparia-Erin Road. Prior to the dismantling of the railroad system on December 28, 1968, Siparia was accessible by train from Port-of-Spain. De Gannes Village and Syne Village are two of the communities of Siparia. Along the coastline is Quinam Beach.

Siparia is best known for its annual Easter Sunday pilgimage when hundreds of Hindus, Muslims, Roman Catholics, and other Christian groups gather at the Siparia La Divina Pastora Church to pay homage to Siparee Mai Ke Mala, the statue of La Divina Pastora. The statue, known as Siparee Mai by the Hindus, is believed to be a manifestation of Mother Kali, the Hindu Goddess of destruction. Hindus believe that long ago Siparee Mai appeared at the La Divina Church, as a baby, to grant the wishes of East Indian forefathers who were subdued by the colonial regime. Believers say the baby, who appeared close to the altar, aged as the hours of the day trickled by. By evening, she turned into an old woman and disappeared as the sun went down. It is believed the statue bestows fertility to barren women, marital success to couples, healing to the sick, proper husbands for young girls, and blessings to the poor and needy. Children who are unable to walk or speak could be healed if offerings are made to the Goddess.


Steelbands: The following is a listing of the steelbands that functioned in Siparia, broken down by type: traditional (pans supported around the neck); and conventional (pans supported mechanically).

Deltones Conventional Railway Road Won the 2007 Panorama competition for Small Conventional Steelbands and toured Canada in the summer of 2009.
Pan Patriots Traditional    

Academic Institutions

Iere High School Secondary De Gannes Village    
St. Christopher's Anglican School Primary   Anglican  
Siparia Boys' RC School Primary 28 Mary Street Roman Catholic 461 students in 2002
Siparia Girls' (St. Brigid's) RC School Primary La Pastora Street Roman Catholic 588 students in 2002
Siparia Hindu School   Seegobin Drive Hindu 264 students in 2006
Siparia Junior Secondary Secondary   Non-Denominational  
Siparia Senior Comprehensive Secondary   Non-Denominational  
Siparia Union CM School Primary   Presbyterian  

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