March 2014 Panorama
Phase II Pan Groove was formed in 1972 in Woodbrook, Port-of-Spain, by a group of panmen from the Starlift Steelband that included leader and tuner Michael Phillips and arranger Lennox "Boogsie" Sharpe. Its formation created new opportunities for young music arrangers such as Sharpe to display their talents. Since many of the founders had spent numerous years with other steelbands, they considered the new band to be Phase II of their careers, and the band was named accordingly. The original intent was to concentrate on dance (groovy) music and "groove" was incorporated into the band's name. With Sharpe's musical arrangements, the band won seven Panorama titles in 1987, 1988, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2013, and 2014. The band gained the sponsorship of Petrotrin in the late-1990s, and later Digicel in 2006. Phase II finished among the top three steelbands in the following significant competition:
1978 Panorama 3rd Carnival Is Bacchanal (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1986 Panorama 2nd Pan Rising (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1987 Panorama 1st This Feeling Nice (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1988 Panorama 1st Woman Is Boss (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1989 Panorama 2nd (Tied) Fire Down Below (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1990 Panorama 3rd Break Down (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1992 Panorama 2nd Jam Meh Up (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1993 Panorama 2nd Birthday Party (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
1996 Panorama 2nd Mind Yuh Business (Alvin Daniel) Anise Hadeed
1997 Panorama 2nd Misbehave (Alvin Daniel) Lennox Sharpe
2000 Panorama 3rd My Time (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
2002 Panorama 2nd Do What You Want (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
2003 Panorama 3rd Music in We Blood (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
2004 Panorama 2nd (Tied) We Like to Play (Lennox Sharpe & Anthony Alexis) Lennox Sharpe
2005 Panorama 1st Trini Gone Wild (Anthony Alexis) Lennox Sharpe
2006 Panorama 1st This One's for You, Bradley (Lennox Sharpe & Anthony Alexis) Lennox Sharpe
2007 Panorama 2nd Sharing Licks (Lennox Sharpe/Crazy) Lennox Sharpe
2008 Panorama 1st Musical Vengeance (Gregory Ballantyne) Lennox Sharpe
2009 Panorama 2nd Magic Drum (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
2010 Panorama 2nd Pan Army (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
2012 Panorama 2nd Archbishop of Pan (sung by Lydian Singers) (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
2013 Panorama 1st More Love (Lennox Sharpe, sung by Black Stalin) Lennox Sharpe
2014 Panorama 1st Jump High (sung by Destra Garcia) Lennox Sharpe
2015 Panorama 2nd Happiness (Lennox Sharpe) Lennox Sharpe
2016 Panorama 3rd (Tied) Madd Music (sung by Keith Lucas, composed by Len Sharpe and Nigel Rojas) Lennox Sharpe
2019 Panorama 3rd (Tied) Party Start Lennox Sharpe
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit