After the Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive School Folk Choir was formed in February 1981 to compete in the National Biennial Music Festival, the choir proceeded to be victorius in all categories competed in: the Louis Blanche Fraser Cup, for the Best Folk Choir (20 singers and under); the San Fernando Chorale Trophy, for the Best Folk Mas'; the Sir Edward Beetham Shield, for the Best Folk Song Choir (over 20 singers); and the Olive Walke Memorial Trophy, for the Most Outstanding Choir in the entire festival. Building on the success of the Signal Hill Senior Comprehensive School Folk Choir in the 1981 National Biennial Music Festival, the Signal Hill Alumni Choir was formed in 1984. The choir has performed around the Caribbean and in Atlanta and New York in the USA. In 1987, the group launched its first album, "Xmas Coming." The following year, the choir released an "Xmas Coming" sequel and, in 1992, captured the moods of typical Caribbean festivities and traditions with their release "Seasons." After more than a decade of tireless work and dedication to preserving Tobago's unique musical heritage, the choir's manager, Aaron Reid, received a Hummingbird Medal Gold on behald of the choir at the 1997 Independence Day celebration. In July 2001, the choir placed second to Ukraine in the Folk Song category at the International Music Festival in Wales thus becoming the first choir from the Caribbean to achieve this accomplishment. The choir consists of thirty dedicated amateur singers, a pan player, and several percussionists who perform a African-Caribbean folk songs, jazz, gospel, and calypso.
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit