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PLACE OF BIRTH: Tacarigua, Trinidad
CAREER:                                 M.P. Alladin was a well-known artist as early as the 1950s when he was able to influence the development of budding artists such as George Bailey of Carnival fame. He was of East Indian heritage and his paintings depicted the colorful events of his roots, such as the Hindu festivals of Phagwa and Chowtal. He also captured the rural setting of the environment in which many agricultural workers lived as late as the 1960s: ajoupas made of thatched roofs and mud walls amid fields of sugar cane. His works also included street scenes with the vendors of his time. Alladin was also a poet and a writer of many papers on the folklore, dances, and music of Trinidad & Tobago, and he was President of the Trinidad Art Society for many years.
  • 1969 - Trinidad & Tobago Public Service Medal of Merit Gold (for Fine Arts)
DIED: 1980
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit