DATE OF BIRTH: June 21, 1928
PLACE OF BIRTH: ..., Trinidad
CAREER:                                 Baptiste left Trinidad for England in 1948 and, shortly after her arrival, began to pursue a career as a singer. She later settled in Germany and appeared, primarily as a singer, in the following German films:
  • 1954 - An Jedem Finger Zehn [Character: Singer]; Tanz in der Sonne [Character: Singer]
  • 1955 - Stern von Rio[Character: Singer]; Wie Werde Ich Filmstar? [Character: Singer]; Symphonie in Gold
  • 1959 - Madchen fur die Mambo-Bar
  • 1968 - Sunde mit Rabatt [Character: Monika]
DIED: June 25, 1993, in Krefeld, Germany, of natural causes.
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit