"Holly B"


DATE OF BIRTH: January 27, 1925
PLACE OF BIRTH: Santa Rosa, Trinidad
  • Arima Boys' RC School
  • CAREER:                                 While attending Arima Boys' RC School, Betaudier showed a great interest in drama which laid the foundation for his career in media and entertainment. During his career, he was a radio host, announcer, master of ceremonies, customs clerk, and sales assistant. During the 1950s, he worked as an announcer at the American Naval Base in Chaguaramas and the WVDI Station. He was the host of "Holly's Happy Moments," a popular radio show that featured the best of local talent. During his stint at Radio Trinidad, he launched the Christmas program, "Parang with Holly," which later became a television series on the local television station, TTT, with Betaudier as producer and host, after television was introduced to Trinidad in 1962. Betaudier also hosted the long-running local talent show "Scouting For Talent" on television. During career as a radio host and announcer, Betaudier became known as "Holly B" and the "Arima Kid."
    DIED: May 29, 2016, in Westmoorings, Trinidad
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit