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PLACE OF BIRTH: ..., British Guiana (Guyana)
  • St. Joseph's Convent, Port-of-Spain
  • St. Maur's Convent, Surrey, England
  • Royal Academy of Music, England
  • Guildhall School of Music, London, England
  • CAREER:                                 Born in British Guiana, Gomez was three weeks old when her parents moved to Trinidad. While at St. Joseph's Convent, she studied piano, sang with the school's choir, and went on to be a victorious soprano in the 1954 Music Festival. Following completion of her studies, Gomez performed the role of the Duchess in the opera "Powder Her Face" (Thomas Ades) when it premiered in 1995 at the Cheltenham Festival in England. She later toured Australia, England, Germany, and the USA with the the Almeida Opera, producers of the opera. She received a nomination in the category "Best Opera Recording, Award to the Conductor, Album Producer(s) and Prinicipal Soloists" at the 42nd Annual American Grammy Awards for her singing in "Powder Her Face."