DATE OF BIRTH: April 6, 1944
PLACE OF BIRTH: ..., Trinidad
  • Clark's Grammar School, London, England
  • University of Kent, Canterbury, England (B.A. in English with African and Caribbean Studies)
  • CAREER:                                 Johnson migrated to England at the age of eleven. She taught creative writing at Warwick University and, as a writer and a poet, she had residencies and readings throughout England as well as in other countries: Belgium; Germany; Spain; Sweden; and the USA. Her published collections of poems included:
    • Long Road to Nowhere (1985)
    • Sequins for A Ragged Hen (1988)
    • Tread Softly in Paradise (1991)
    • Gorgons (1992)
    • Calling (2000)

                                     In addition to her poetry, Johnson also contributed to the the following anthologies on the art of writing: "Delighting the Heart" (1989); and "Taking Reality by Surprise" (1991). Her other published works included: "Essays by Black Female Writers" (1988); "Blood and Wine" (1991); "Lilies for My Grandmother"; and "Colouring Book."

    DIED: February 1, 2001
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit