PLACE OF BIRTH: Sangre Grande, Trinidad
  • University of the West Indies at St. Augustine (MA in Literature)
  • University of Florida, Florida, USA (PhD in Anthropology)
  • CAREER:                                 Mahabir's research and writing focused on the traditions and culture of East Indians in the Caribbean diaspora. He documented little-known historical events in Caribbean history. In addition to publishing numerous articles and papers in various international magazines, books, and journals, and lecturing at several universities in the Western Hemisphere, he published the following books:
    • 1985 - The Still Cry: Personal Accounts of East Indians in Trinidad & Tobago During Indentureship (1845 - 1917)
    • 1991 - Medicinal and Edible Plants Used by East Indians of Trinidad & Tobago
    • 1991 - Indians in an Afro-Caribbean World
    • 1992 - Caribbean East Indian Recipes
    • 1992 - East Indian Women of Trinidad & Tobago: An Annotated Bibliography with Photographs and Ephemera
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit