Away from Home

Towards A New Dawn


DATE OF BIRTH: January 24, 1953
PLACE OF BIRTH: Siparia, Trinidad
  • San Fernando Boys' Government School
  • Naparima College
  • Valsayn Teachers' College
  • University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada (Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1985)
  • University of the West Indies (Master of Fine Arts, 1990)
  • CAREER:                                 Maharaj's paintings reflect his personal experiences and almost always include people. His work is influenced by his Hindu roots with emphasis on mythology, family values, education, and sprituality. He has spent his career teaching art in the secondary schools of Trinidad & Tobago. From 1993 to 1996, he was a member of a travelling exhibition "Carib Art" which included contemporary works of art from the Dutch, English, French, and Spanish Caribbean. His work has been exhibited in Canada, Germany, USA, and the Caribbean, including:
    • 1982 - Trinidad (Emergence of An Artist)
    • 1984 - Trinidad (Primal Emotions)
    • 1986 - Havana, Cuba (2nd Annual Bienale)
    • 1987 - Trinidad (Recent Works); French Guiana (Figurative Art of the 80's)
    • 1988 - Central Bank, Barbados (Spirits Undaunted)
    • 1992 - IFA Gallerie, Bonn, Germany (Contemporary Art of Trinidad and Tobago)
    • 1993 - The Schoelcher Library, Fort-de-France, Martinique (Comtemporary Art from Trinidad and Tobago)
    • 1995 - Centre of Fine Arts, Florida, USA (Caribbean Visions)
    • 1996 - New Orleans, USA (Caribbean Visions)
    • 1996 - Brooklyn Musuem, New York, USA (Caribbean Visions)
    • 1997 - Wadsworth Museum, Connecticut, USA (Caribbean Visions)
    • 1998-2000 - Meridian International Centre, Washington, DC, USA (Sing Me A Rainbow)
    • 2003 - Trinidad (The Spirit Within)
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit