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PLACE OF BIRTH: Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
  • London School of Printing and Graphic Arts, London, England
  • Royal College of Art, London, England (1957)
  • CAREER:                                 After receiving her early education in Trinidad during which time she taught herself to paint, McNish left Trinidad for London, England, in the 1950s to attend the London School of Printing and Graphic Arts (which became the London College of Printing in 1962). She developed an interest in printed textiles and furthered her studies at the Royal College of Art in London. Upon graduation, McNish designed murals and textile hangings for public buildings and passenger liners, and went on to become Great Britain's only Black, internationally-acclaimed textile designer. She took part in many seminars and exhibitions, and was very instumental in bringing the Caribbean arts to the attention of the British public when she organized the work of artists from the Caribbean Arts Movement for the February 1973 BBC program "Full House." In 1988, she was elected as a Fellow of the Society of Industrial Arts and Designers. Her work has been exhibited in London (England), Rome (Italy), New York (USA), Amsterdam (Holland), France, Jamaica, and Trinidad & Tobago, including:
    • 1958 - Woodstock Gallery, London, England
    • 1961 - Trinidad & Tobago Art Society
    • 1997 - Royal College of Art
    • 2003 - Ohio University, Ohio, USA ("My World of Colour: The International Inspirations and Works of a Black British Trinidadian Textile Designer)
    • 1976 - Trinidad & Tobago Chaconia Medal Gold (for Art)
    • 1988 - Scarlet Ibis Award, London High Commission for Trinidad & Tobago
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit