Ken with 1948 Trophy
Ken as Pooh Bah in "The Mikado" (1960s)


DATE OF BIRTH: May 3, 1921
PLACE OF BIRTH: Newtown, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad
EDUCATION: Richmond Street Boys' Anglican School
CAREER:                                 After receiving voice training at a very young age, Oxley became a bass/baritone singer and went on to form the Black Dot Quintet in 1943. The group performed at various institutions throughout Trinidad and won the 1948 Music Festival. In 1951, the Quintet expanded into the Argonauts Male Voice Choir and became the first choir of its kind in Trinidad & Tobago. Oxley was a member of several local church choirs and made appearances overseas in Guyana, the United Kingdom, and the USA. In addition to singing, he mastered the guitar and the clarinet and competed in both instrument categories at various Music Festivals. He was also a member of the Light Operatic Society and appeared in several of its productions. As a soloist, Oxley remains the only person to have competed in every Music Festival between 1948 and 1998, the year of his passing.
  • 1983 - Trinidad & Tobago Chaconia Medal Silver (for Music)
DIED: December 20, 1998, in Trinidad
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit