"Aunty Hazel"


PLACE OF BIRTH: San Fernando, Trinidad
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  • CAREER:                                  Ward started her professional career as an English teacher but was able to fulfil her life-long dream as a broadcaster when she became a radio announcer at Radio Trinidad in the late-1950s on Rediffusion (B Station) and hosted a talk show that focused on the hobbies of secondary school children. From radio, she moved on to television to become the first weather forecaster at Trinidad & Tobago Television (TTT), the country's first television station which was launched in 1962. At TTT, Ward established herself as the unofficial First Lady of Trinidad Television building a reputation for dedication, excellence and commitment to nurturing the talents of the children of the country. She was the host of signature programmes on TTT such as "Mainly for Women," "Twelve and Under," and "Teen Talent." Her impact as a media icon, patron of the arts, and advocate of women's issues is immeasurable.
    DIED: October 27, 2014, after a long illness
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit