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Chaguanas was given its name by Spanish settlers in the 18th century when the community was inhabited by an Amerindian tribe of the same name. Situated in the western part of central Trinidad in the center of Caroni County, it is 35 km south of Port-of-Spain and 57 km north of San Fernando with the Caparo River running through it. Historically, it has been considered prime agricultural land where sugar cane and cocoa flourished. The sugar cane was once processed at the Woodford Lodge Estate Factory which was owned by H.E. Robinson but was later sold to Caroni Limited.

In the 1960s, the Princess Margaret Highway was contructed to connect Chaguanas to other commercial centers in north-west Trinidad. In October 1990, Chaguanas was made a borough. In 2000, the population of Chaguanas was estimated to be approximately 19,000 people, and about 75% of the area was being used for agriculture, primarily sugar cane. Bounded by Monroe Road and Cunupia on the north, Longdenville and Montrose on the east, Edinburgh and Chandernagore on the south, and Felicity on the west, Chaguanas and its surrounding communities contained a population of over 90,000 residents in 2000. However, with the declining demand for sugar, the economy of the area began to change from rural to urban-based. Once a village at the end of the Princess Margaret Highway, in 2002 Chaguanas had: a burgeoning retail center with large shopping stores, such as Pricesmart and Food Basket; the largest and most popular outdoor flea market in Trinidad; and the north-south Uriah Butler/Solomon Hochoy Highway running through it. Chaguanas is the home of the Divali Nagar site where thousands of Hindus converge annually to celebate the festival of Divali. The town of Chaguanas includes the villages of Chandernagore, Charlieville, Chase, Edinburgh, Felicity, Montrose, and St. Thomas.


Cinemas: In 2002, Chaguanas had two operating cinemas: Globe on Market Street; and Jubilee on Main Road. The Jubilee was rebuilt after it was destroyed by fire in the 1970s.

Steelbands: The following is a listing of the steelbands that functioned in Chaguanas, broken down by type: traditional (pans supported around the neck); and conventional (pans supported mechanically).

Claytones Conventional Depot Road  
Trinidad Crescendoes Conventional Old Southern Main Road  
Street Pan Gem Conventional Enterprise Street  
Tropical Angel Harps Conventional Southern Main Road  

Mas(querade) Bands: Mas' bands that functioned in Chaguanas included:

Tagalie and Associates Parker Street  


Cricket: Dinanath Ramnarine was born in Chaguanas and went on to represent the West Indies in Test Cricket.

Academic Institutions

Anjuman Sunnat-Ul-Jamat Association Boys' College Secondary John Peters Extension Road, Charlieville Muslim Founded in 2000.
Anjuman Sunnat-Ul-Jamat Association Girls' College Secondary ASJA Boulevard, Charlieville Muslim  
Chaguanas Government Primary School Primary   Non-Denominational  
Chaguanas Junior Secondary School Secondary   Non-Denominational  
Chaguanas RC School Primary Main Road Roman Catholic 730 pupils in 2002.
Chaguanas Senior Comprehensive Secondary Helen Street Non-Denominational  
Chandernagore Presbyterian School Primary Edinburgh Village Presbyterian
Charlieville Primary School Primary Caroni Savannah Road Roman Catholic 730 pupils in 2002.
Felicity Hindu School   Cancadee Main Road Hindu  
Montrose APS Vedic        
Montrose Government   La Clave Street Non-Denominational  
Presentation College Secondary Cor. of Yves and Rene Streets Roman Catholic  
Ragoonanan Road Government School   Ragoonanan Road Non-Denominational  

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