(aka D' All Starz)

                                 Founded by its leader Roy Cape on saxophone in 1980, the Roy Cape Kaiso All Stars changed its name to D' All Starz in June 2017, two years after Cape was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Over the years, the band included such musicians as Carlysle "Juiceman" Roberts (Musical Director), Stephen "Drummy" Jardine (drums), Anthony "Bassey" Boynes (bass), and Arnold "Sly" Punnette (guitar) and worked with singers Black Stalin, Kerwin Du Bois, Destra, Denise Belfon, Olatunji, Ricardo Drue, and Blaxx among others. After 37 years of operation, The Roy Cape All Stars band changed its name to Dí All Starz in June 2017 and included Blaxx, Ricardo Drue, Teddyson John, and Tizzy.
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit