DATE OF BIRTH: May 30, 1910
PLACE OF BIRTH: ..., Trinidad
CAREER:                                 Fenwick's birth name was Jean Krauth and she was 13 years old when she left Trinidad with her family for Boston, Massachusetts, USA. During the 1920s, she became a student at Paramount's Astoria Studio where she learned acting, poise, and dancing. She later worked at Paramount and F.B.O (RKO) in Hollywood. In 1926, the Krauth family relocated to California, USA, to be close to Fenwick who was a budding screen star. Initially, she took on the screen name Jean Morgan but later changed it to Jean Fenwick. She was very instrumental in getting her younger sister Marian Marsh into the movie business. Fenwick went on to become a successful actress by appearing in the following 46 films from the 1930s to the early 1950s:
  • 1931 - Chances
  • 1934 - Cross Country Cruise [Character: Schoolteacher]
  • 1935 - The Night Life of the Gods [Character: Girl in the Pool]; Strange Wives [Character: Jim's Secretary]; I've Been Around [Character: Girl]; Dante's Inferno [Character: Person in Boiler Room]; Crusades [Character: Christian Slave Girl]; Escapade [Character: Guest]
  • 1936 - Mary of Scotland [Character:Mary Seton]
  • 1937 - Conquest [Character: Maria Louisa]
  • 1938 - Paradise for Three [Character: Helena Meyer]; The First Hundred Years [Character: Miss Moffat]; Illegal Traffic [Character: Stenographer]; If I Were King [Character: Lady-in-Waiting]; Say It in French [Character: Nursemaid]; Men With Wings [Character: Nurse]
  • 1939 - Arrest Bulldog Drummond [Character: Lady Beryl Ledyard]; Tell No Tales [Character: Mrs. Lydia Lovelake]; Tower of London [Character: Lady in Waiting]; Money to Burn [Character: Miss Murphy]
  • 1940 - New Moon [Character: Bit Part]; Third Finger, Left Hand [Character: Miss Carruthers]; No, No, Nanette [Character: Woman at Smith Home]
  • 1941 - Sky Raiders [Character: The Countess Irene]; Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring [Character: Alice Stack]; That Uncertain Feeling [Character: Dr. Vengard's Nurse]
  • 1942 - London Blackout Murders [Character:Mary's WAAF Escort]; We Were Dancing [Character: Girl]
  • 1943 - Happy Go Lucky [Character: Agnes]
  • 1944 - Laura [Character: Woman]; Jane Eyre [Character: Guest]; The Fighting Seabees [Character: Captain Joyce's Secretary]
  • 1945 - Diamond Horseshoe [Character: Lady Be-Good]; Divorce [Character: June Endicott]
  • 1947 - Ivy [Character: Guest]; Jewels of Brandenburg [Character: Roger's 'Wife']; Born to Kill [Character: Margaret Macy]
  • 1948 - B.F.'s Daughter [Character: Bit Part]; Fighter Squadron [Character: Lady Woodbine]; My Own True Love [Character: Corporal]; Street Corner [Character: Mrs. Marsh]; Jiggs and Maggie in Court
  • 1952 - Everything I Have Is Yours [Character: Mrs. Tirson]
  • 1953 - The Lady Wants Mink [Character: Faye]
  • 1954 - Witness to Murder
  • 1955 - Ain't Misbehavin'
                                                     Fenwick also appeared on American television in "Gunsmoke" (1955) and "Alcoa Presents" (1959).
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit