Marsh with Howard Hughes (1935)


DATE OF BIRTH: October 17, 1913
PLACE OF BIRTH: ..., Trinidad
  • Le Conte Junior High School, California, USA
  • Hollywood High School, California, USA
  • CAREER:                                 Marsh's birth name was Violet Ethelred Krauth and she was 10 years old when she left Trinidad with her family for Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The Krauth family later relocated to California, USA, in 1926 to be close to Marsh's older sister, Jean Fenwick, who was a budding screen star. With the help of Fenwick, Marsh became interested in acting and took the screen name Marilyn Morgan in 1928 when she landed small parts in films. However, in 1930, Marsh changed her screen name to Marian Marsh and went on to become a successful actress by appearing in the following 43 films:
    • 1929 - Fairways and Fouls; The Sophomore
    • 1930 - Whoopee! [Character: Harriett Underwood]; Hell's Angels [Character: Girl Selling Kisses]
    • 1931 - The Naughty Flirt [Character: A Friend of Kay's]; Svengali [Character: Trilby O'Farrell]; The Road to Singapore [Character: Rene March]; Under Eighteen [Character: Margie Evans]; The Mad Genius [Character: Nana Karlova]; Five Star Final [Character: Jenny Townsend]
    • 1932 - Alias the Doctor [Character: Lottie Brenner]; Beauty and the Boss [Character: Susie Sachs]; Strange Justice [Character: Rose Abbott]; The Sport Parade [Character: Irene Stewart]
    • 1933 - Notorious But Nice [Character: Jennie Jones]; A Man of Sentiment [Character: Julia Wilkens]; The Eleventh Commandment; Daring Daughters [Character: Terry Cummings]
    • 1934 - I Like It That Way [Character: Joan Anderson]; Der Verlorene Sohn [Character: Lillian Williams]; A Girl of the Limberlost [Character: Elnora Comstock]; Over the Garden Wall [Character: Mary]; Love at Second Sight [Character: Juliet]
    • 1935 - In Spite of Danger [Character: Sally Sullivan]; Unknown Woman [Character: Helen Griffith]; Crime and Punishment [Character: Sonya]; The Black Room [Character: Thea Hassel]
    • 1936 - Come Closer, Folks [Character: Peggy Woods]; The Man Who Lived Twice [Character: Janet Haydon]; Lady of Secrets [Character: Joan]; Counterfeit [Character: Verna Maxwell]
    • 1937 - When's Your Birthday [Character: Jerry Grant]; The Great Gambini [Character: Ann Randall]; Youth on Parole [Character: Bonnie Blair]; Saturday's Heroes [Character: Frances Thomas]
    • 1938 - Prison Nurse [Character: Judy]; A Desperate Adventure [Character: Ann]
    • 1939 - Missing Daughters [Character: Josie Lamonte]
    • 1940 - Fugitive From A Prison Camp [Character: Ann Baldwin]
    • 1941 - Murder by Invitation [Character: Nora O'Brien]; Gentleman from Dixie [Character: Margaret Terrill]; Picture People No. 1 [Character: Self]
    • 1942 - House of Errors [Character: The Inventor's Daughter]
    DIED: November 9, 2006, from respiratory arrest, in Palm Desert, California, USA (Details)
    Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit