Calypso 1980 - 1989

Blue Boy made his debut in this decade and captured three Road March titles. The only other calypsonian to win more than one Road March title during the decade was Tambu who captured two. The ten Calypso Crowns were won by eight calypsonians; only Chalkdust (2) and Black Stalin (2) were repeat winners. In addition to the winners listed below, other calypsonians who had hit songs during the 1980s include Baron, Lord Kitchener, and The Merchant.

Although titles eluded him during this decade, Lord Kitchener, continued to compose and sing calypsoes that remained very popular with steelbands. His calypsoes Pan Explosion, Sweet Pan, and Pan Night & Day were the tunes of choice for steelband Panorama winner Amoco Renegades in 1982, 1984, and 1985, respectively. Desperadoes, who jointly held the Panorama title with Renegades in 1985, also played Kitchener's Pan Night & Day.

The following are the results of both the Road March and Calypso Crown competition.

1980 Soca Baptist (Blue Boy) Lord Relator (Food Prices/Take ah Rest Mr Prime Minister)
1981 Ethel (Blue Boy) Mighty Chalkdust (Things That Worry Me/I Can't Make)
1982 Deputy (Penguin) Scrunter (The Will/Lee Kee Ting)
1983 Rebecca (Blue Boy) Crusoe (Don't Cry Now/South Africa)
1984 Doh Back Back (Mighty Sparrow) Penguin (We Living in Jail/Sorf Man)
1985 Soucouyant (Crazy) Black Stalin (Ism Schism/Wait Dorothy Wait)
1986 Bahia Girl (David Rudder) David Rudder (The Hammer/Baha Girl)
1987 Thunder (Mighty Duke) Black Stalin (Mr Pan Maker/Burn Them)
1988 This Party Is It (Tambu) Cro Cro (Three Bo-rats/Corruption in Common Entrance)
1989 Free Up, Free Up (Tambu) Mighty Chalkdust (Chauffeur Wanted/Carnival Is the Answer)


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