2014 Carnival, "Sailors Ashore at A Tropical Fiesta"
Trinidad All Stars was formed on Charlotte Street, Port-of-Spain, in 1935 as "Bad Behavior" with a group of panmen that included "Big Head" Hamill and Rudolph "Fish Eye" Olliviere, the band's first leader. In the early-1940s, the name of the band was changed three times, first to "The Hell Yard Boys," then "Second Fiddle," after the 1939 American movie of the same name starring Tyrone Power; and finally "Cross of Lorraine," after the 1943 American movie "The Cross of Lorraine," starring Gene Kelly. In the mid-1940s, the leadership of the band changed successively from Olliviere to Neville Jules and then to Prince Batson. During this time, the name of the band was changed to "All Stars." In 1948, Jules resumed the leadership and the band's name was modified to "Trinidad All Stars." In addition to being the band's leader, Jules was also tuner and musical arranger, positions he held until the early-1970s when he migrated to the USA.

Under Jules' leadership in the 1950s, All Stars began the tradition of interpreting a piece of classical music in calypso tempo and withholding it from the public's ear until the break of dawn on the first day of Carnival. The musical selection was referred to as "The Bomb" and, with the passage of time, other steelbands followed suit. Beginning in the 1950s, the All Stars panyard was located on Charlotte Street near Duke Street on the floor above the Maple Leaf Club; this floor was commonly referred to as the "garrot." All Stars received the sponsorship of Catelli Trinidad Ltd during the 1960s, but later switched to the Neal & Massy Company in 1988. In addition to winning the Steelband Music Festival six times, the band won the Panorama competition nine times, with musical arrangers Rudy Wells, Leon Edwards, and Eddy Quarless all contributing to the band's success. In 1982, All Stars received the Trinidad & Tobago Humming Bird Medal Gold for music. In 2014, All Stars became only the second steelband to cop the Large Band of The Year prize with its portrayal of "Sailors Ashore at A Tropical Fiesta." All Stars finished among the top three steelbands in the following significant competition:

1968 Steelband Music Festival 1st    
1972 Steelband Music Festival 1st    
1973 Panorama 1st Rainorama (Lord Kitchener) Rudy Wells
1974 Panorama 3rd Bass Man (Mighty Shadow)  
1980 Panorama 1st Woman on the Bass (Scrunter) Leon Edwards
1980 Steelband Music Festival 1st    
1981 Panorama 1st Unknown Band (Blue Boy) Leon Edwards
1982 Panorama 2nd Heat (Lord Kitchener) Leon Edwards
1983 Panorama 3rd Rebecca (Blue Boy) Leon Edwards
1984 Panorama 2nd Doh Back Back (Mighty Sparrow) Leon Edwards
1984 Steelband Music Festival 1st Symphony No. 4 in F Minor, Opus 36 (Tchaikovsky)  
1985 Panorama 3rd Suck Me Soucouyant (Crazy) Leon Edwards
1986 Panorama 1st The Hammer (David Rudder) Leon Edwards
1993 Panorama 3rd (Tied) Dust in Yuh Face (David Rudder) Eddy Quarless
1994 Panorama 2nd Earthquake (Lord Kitchener) Eddy Quarless
1994 Steelband Music Festival 1st    
1996 Steelband Music Festival 1st    
1998 Panorama 3rd Me and My Lady (Car Wash) Leon Edwards
2001 Panorama 2nd Rain Melody (Preacher) Leon Edwards
2002 Panorama 1st Fire Storm (The Original De Fosto Himself) Leon Edwards
2003 Panorama 2nd Pandora (The Original De Fosto Himself) Leon Edwards
2004 Panorama 2nd (Tied) Ah Pay Meh Dues (The Original De Fosto Himself) Leon Edwards
2006 Panorama 2nd Soca Warriors (The Original De Fosto Himself) Leon Edwards
2007 Panorama 1st Pan Lamentation (The Original De Fosto Himself) Leon Edwards
2008 Panorama 2nd Thunder Coming (Edwin Pouchet & Alvin Daniel) Leon Edwards
2009 Panorama 3rd Pan Rivalry (Leon Edwards) Leon Edwards
2010 Panorama 3rd Large Is Large (Leon Edwards) Leon Edwards
2011 Panorama 1st It's Showtime (Anslem Douglas) Leon Edwards
2012 Panorama 1st Play Yourself (sung by Crazy) Leon Edwards
2013 Panorama 2nd Bounce And Drive (Clive Telemaque) Leon Edwards
2014 Panorama 2nd Excitement (Shirlaine Hendrickson) Leon Edwards
2015 Panorama 1st Unquestionable (Clive Telemaque) Leon Edwards
2017 Panorama 1st Full Extreme (Ultimate Rejects) Leon Edwards
Compiled by Ronald C. Emrit